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The days of treating marketing and PR as an afterthought are over.  With people being exposed to more brands and messages than ever before, you need to make sure your brand is at the top — of your industry and their minds.          

Since you're checking out Sparrow Communications that means you probably need help building your brand. No worries, I can definitely help. My goal is to make sure that when the right people see or hear your message, it reads loud and clear to get you results.  

From copywriting to consulting,  I have you covered!



Need someone to take your words and make them better?  What about someone to write what you need to say without you having to say it? If that sounds like a dream come true, then I have what you've been looking for all along.

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Sometimes we just need someone to help make our vision a reality. Maybe you want to learn how to boost your brand... Or you don't have time and want it done for you. Either way, I can get  your brand from basic to the best.

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The Sparrow Way

I know what it's like to need an extra hand to work on the business so you can get back to working in the business.


I save you time and money with custom communication audits, plans, and training for your nonprofit organization or service-based business.

Coffee Meeting

Objective: Put the PR in PRofessional

My "people-first" approach helps build relationships and meet goals.