Why is it that auditing is something we only think of when it comes to finances and operations? Maybe it's the legal consequences that scares us into being more willing to stay on top of our finances or the direct tie to the "bottom line." If you think bout it, though, every area of your business  impacts the bottom line... especially communications.

The need to keep an eye on internal and external communication is why I've developed several programs for individuals and businesses. Whether you are looking to do a self-audit or get my assistance with doing it for you, we will get it done.


Sometimes you get stuck between too much work to do on your own and not enough work to hire an employee. Right in the middle are my consulting services to fill that gap. The services are designed to help you build a communications program that fits your budget and goals. We work through strengths, strategies, and solutions to make your brand better and your business grow.

Branding, Employee Communications, Media Relations, Customer Service, and Digital Communication are areas we work within to make sure your message is consistent.


Just in case you actually have the time and money to implement communication tactics, but you need training to be more effective, I have a solution. My custom workshops help individuals and groups who need help structuring everything, want a crash course on the latest trends, or need to refresh their skills.

My most popular workshop options include:

  • Building Your Personal Brand
  • Progressing in Your Career
  • Earning Media Coverage
  • Organizing Successful Events
  • Using Social Media for Business
  • Planning for a Crisis

If you need a special public relations workshop designed, we can do that too. Contact me and we will figure it all out.