Create plans that work.


Being a public relations professional is something I worked towards since I was in the grade school. I dreamed of climbing the corporate ladder as an executive so I went to Florida State University where I earned a B.A. in Communication, emphasis in Public Relations. 

After several years in the public sector, I continued my education with a Masters of Public Administration degree from Savannah State University with hopes of becoming a city manager or another type of government administrator.

Then, the unexpected happened. Six weeks after graduating with my MPA degree and two weeks after my daughter was born, she was diagnosed with M.S.P.I, a food intolerance to dairy and soy (You can read more about that here). Caring for my sick child gave me perspective on what was most important in life — more quality time with my family to be a better wife and mother. That meant I had to learn how to be efficient and effective at work and home. Ironically, it was during this time that other business owners and professionals began asking for my help with copywriting and social media strategy to save them time and money, but still get results. 

I spent two years moonlighting as a freelancer after a full day in the office at my government job as a public relations manager. In November 2015, I decided to leave my day job and build a brand helping other people solve problems using communication. Since 2016, I've been fully committed to giving people like you a peace of mind knowing that their business needs will be handled professionally using the systems and services I provide.

Whether it's copywriting or consulting, I can help you build your brand and reclaim your time.  Are you ready? Read more about my services and we can get started on building a brand that connects with your customers and deliver promises that make a difference.